Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here I go!

Wow it’s already July and I'm so behind on this blog. These sessions go as far back from April to the present….. I know, but I’m trying :)

I had so much fun with "M". She didn't quite make the big belly, but she was really comfortable and so sweet to photograph, I think I had more fun on this shoot than the mom to be! Here are a few photos of her separate sessions.

So of course, you know I had to photograph her birth! :) Here are a few shots that I’m sharing from the special day. Being a mother of two, I have to say that it was completely a different experience than the last time I was at a hospital for the birth of a child, but then I was the one giving birth the last time. All jokes aside, getting to be a spectator this time was truly amazing & I enjoyed every moment of capturing baby "E" making his entrance into this world.

And last but not least, the newborn pictures. It was so fun taking his newborn images.
He is so adorable and he was fighting his urge to go to sleep. Once he fell asleep, nothing woke him up, he looked so peaceful as he slept.

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